Friday, August 22, 2008

Things that (I think) would make the iPhone better

Everyone is writing their thoughts on how the iPhone or iPod touch could be made better. I've been keeping track of what limitations I'm running into with my iPhone and I've now got enough to write about. I think most will agree with me about these these flaws I have found in the iPhone.


I know many people who would love to have an iPhone, but are limited by the data plan that AT&T has to offer. My father, for one, would benefit from having an iPhone, but he's just not going to use the Internet much. It would be great if AT&T offered a plan that gave a small amount of data bandwidth and allowed those that just don't need a data plan to get an iPhone without having to pay the large data plan fee that is currently required with AT&T.


This is really irritating. When I take a picture, I want to be able to send it to someone else's phone almost immediately. E-mailing it isn't really where I'm at. I'm glad I can at least do that, but I've only had my iPhone for a month and I run into at least a dozen instances where I needed to share a photo and get a quick response about its content. I could do this with my Verizon Treo with great ease, but now that I have the "category killer" phone, it's not there.


When I'm running the GPS, it's really lame that the screen won't stay on. It's actually dangerous since those who are driving have to constantly touch the screen or if it does lock, they have to open it and go back to the Maps/GPS application. My Sony Clie used to stay on when I had it in the charger. Why can't my iPhone?


I reluctantly moved to my iPhone from a Verizon Treo since I had to give up the ability to record my phones. All calls, incoming and outgoing were recorded with a small program that recorded my calls to audio files that I could easily export to my Windows PC and categorize and review. When dealing with vendors, making agreements on the phone, or during a divorce. It is infinitely helpful to have this features.


I have many e-mail accounts for work, spam catchers, purchasing accounts, and other accounts that are tied to online games and website accounts. A total of 11 currently. I really don't like the order that my list is in, and it would be nice to be able to re-order my mail accounts. Currently, I'm stuck with the list I have. After adding and deleting a few, it's a very undesireable list.


My Verizon Treo 700p was doing almost everything I wanted it to do. It actually kept me from buying the 1st generation iPhone. While I liked the screen of the new iPhone over the the tiny screen of my Treo, it just wasn't enough to move to the iPhone. However, the number one thing that was keeping me on my Treo was it's ability to record incoming and outgoing phone calls. I found this feature incredibly useful when dealing with vendors, tracking verbal agreements, and when dealing with legal issues, it was invaluable. While there are a number of recorder programs available for the iPhone, not one of the records phone calls. Apparently, Apple makes all programs quit when the phone rings, but I found this to be somewhat untrue. I was easily able to start a recorder program while I was on the phone. I even attempted to place the phone on speaker phone and then start one of my recording programs to see if it would record. Unfortunately, the two I tried failed to record anything or made a zero second recording. I sure hope someone is able to get past this limitation. If a Verizon Treo 700 can do it, why can't an iPhone?


Also in the mail area, I really can't stand how when you send e-mail it comes from the same account, not the account you may be reading an e-mail from. If this isn't apparent to the iPhone user, they could be sending an e-mail to someone who they really don't want replying to their business e-mail account or personal account.
Timestamps on ALL messages.
Timestamp option on camera
Black & White and other filters.
Fix naming bug

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