Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crazy winter snow.

I didn't have a car today and was really hungry at about 11 AM. So I IM'd Paul and asked if he wanted to go eat and Gino and Joe's (which is actually no longer Gina and Joe's) -- I forgot what it's called. In any case, it seems they make the Chicken Parm with Pasta special the same way as it was YUMMMEEEEE.

Paul told me a funny story about his daughter and her alarm clock. You'll have to check his blog for full details. Does Paul have a blog? I don't know. I'll have to ask him.

It snowed like crazy while we were eating and we had to sweep off the before we went back to work and then the road were just crazy. I didn't even have him take me back to work. I work just across the street so I just had him park. Syracuse gets so much snow. I used to like it. I don't so much now.

Anyways, I didn't go to my night job (well not physically) -- I stayed home and worked remotely. It's been a long evening. I'm bushed.

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